drawings and graphics by mgk

Why mgk?


With a name as common as Michael King, I used my full name, Michael George King, to distinguish me from the many other Michael Kings. Along the path, I began using my initials as my identity.  Having found them easy to use and to my liking, I have continued the practice.

About mgk


I grew up in an era and culture that actively discouraged young men following any artistic path.  As I came to the end of my "first career," an artistic self began to emerge; first as as photographer, then as a Graphic Artist.


Fortunate to study with a master artist, Peter Taylor, I then discovered drawing and have been addicted to it ever since. I have experimented in a number of aspects of the art/craft, but my fascinations seem to focus on three areas: the architecturally inspired, the face, and the asemic. In all of those areas, my drawings are created by the interaction of the pen with the paper and my desire to allow the line to define itself.


In my brash moments I like to think of my self as being in the artistic lineages of Paul Klee and Saul Steinberg. More recently discovered influences are Ben Nicholson, Julius Bissier, and Joquin Torres-Garcia and his offspring.


I have also circled back to my love of graphically styled images, many of which are derived from pieces I find in the disaggregated scans of my drawings.



Why Black Swan?


While  meditating, the image of a black swan came to me. At that time I also was looking for a new name for my business.  I added the word "Image"  to indicate the graphic/photographic nature of the business and the word "Works" to indicate the craft approach I take in my art.

More work can been seen on my blog, Pinterest, or Bēhance

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